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All the little moments. The way your child clings to you. Her smile. His gaze. They speak volumes about the connection you and your family have with each other.


During your session, let go, have fun and allow me to swoon over every detail of your perfectly imperfect world so that when you look back at these images, you'll recall exactly how you felt in that beautiful moment in time.

Family sessions are one hour long and are captured in the comfort of your home, outdoors during sunrise or sunset, or in a rented studio space.


Styling - both wardrobe and location - is an important consideration that supports the capture of beautiful images, helping to achieve a cohesive and timeless look. While everyone's individual style is unique, certain colours, tones, styles, patterns and textures of clothing capture more beautifully on camera than others. Prior to our session, I offer a 20-minute phone consultation where I'll share styling tips for you and your loved ones, and discuss the ideal location.


If the idea of finding the 'perfect' look is daunting, no sweat! Your fee includes access to my client wardrobe, currently available for moms.


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