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Hello! I'm Alex.

I have a passion for packing emotion and feeling into a single frame.

A decade ago, I found myself travelling through beautiful and sometimes dark corners of the world, falling in love with photography. I wanted to bottle up every feeling, touch, smell and person I met along the way, to fully capture and remember the little things that made my adventure unique, long after I had left it all behind.

Fast forward 10 years, a wife and mom to two small boys, I found myself daydreaming of a life of travel and adventure - but in reality, too tired to go anywhere!

And so it began, an obsession with documenting and forever preserving the story of my life as a mother through photography, the value of which I've only begun to realize will grow over time.

Let me capture your story. Check out my portfolio, and let's chat.

What clients are saying

"Alex has an eye for capturing all the sweet little moments."

Leo and Andrea

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